Work with us!

We are always looking for good developers and engineers. As a dynamic and distributed company, we welcome professionals from all over the world and all career paths. These are the figures we are looking for at the moment.

  • Frontend Web Developer

    We're currently looking for a frontend developer to join our team. We want someone who is curious, passionate about frontend web technologies and committed to delivering high-quality and performant code.

    You we will be working on a highly innovative project of international relevance in the context of the Internet of Things and Big Data.

    You will help design, develop and maintain dashboards and control panels through which customers will remotely manage on-premise devices, with critical real-time and performance constraints and support for both desktop and mobile clients.

    We take great pride in the quality of our work and that of our working environment. We are committed to making our employees and collaborators feel appreciated and welcome, helping them grow both personally and professionally and tutoring them to become truly proficient and their crafts.

    We are looking forward to working side-by-side with you in our office in Milan, well-served by public transport.

    The candidate should:

    • be driven to explore, learn and improve their skills;
    • be apt to figuring out how to face and solve new challenges;
    • be responsible, thorough, precise and dedicated to carrying out their tasks to the best of their ability.

    Programming skills we’re looking for:

    • good knowledge of HTML5 + CSS3;
    • good knowledge of at least one programming language;
    • good knowledge of most common software architectures;
    • optional: any level of experience with the JavaScript programming language;
    • optional: any level of experience with frontend frameworks such as React and Angular.

    Language skills we’re looking for:

    • native proficiency in at least one language between Italian and English, both written and spoken, and mid-to-high proficiency in the other;
    • optional: certification of CEFR C1 level competency in at least one language between Italian and English.