Tailored digital solutions, made beautifully.

We are a digital company that uses web technologies to develop IoT, data visualization and automation solutions. We focus on efficient and scalable data management systems that transform raw device data into actionable information for our clients and their customers.

Find out about our favourite technologies
IoT, data visualization and automation solutions IoT, data visualization and automation solutions

We build

web-based solutions, focusing on efficient and scalable data management, tailored to our client’s needs and taken from concept to implementation.

We cooperate

with our clients and collaborators to create long-lasting relationship, selecting the tools and workflows that best fit each different context.

We share

our techniques, methodologies and innovations with the open-source communities that support and inspire us.

Tailored digital solutions, made beautifully.
We focus on efficient and scalable data management systems

Our tools

We maximise the quality of our products by selecting the tools and workflows that best fit each different project.

Node.js is an open-source, event-driven and asynchronous backend framework built on top of V8, the Javascript engine developed by Google.

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Node.js' event-driven model is a perfect fit for reactive systems dealing with streams of events from a variety of devices. Its small footprint is ideal for building micro-service architectures that can easily scale both on-premise or on the cloud. Moreover, Node.js' incredible community and its ecosystem of packages promote code reuse and fast development cycles.

React is a lightweight, high-performance javascript library for building user interfaces. Created and maintained by Facebook.

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We selected React as our favourite front-end library because of its flexible and component-based approach.
React is a easy-to-abstract tool that let developers focus more on the architecture of the application than on the library itself.

Angular is a TypeScript-based all-in-one framework for building large web platforms. Created and maintained by Google.

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We chose Angular framework for enterprise projects for its strong-typed, java-like approach that let us to build robust and large web platforms. Angular nature really fit enterprise projects that should be maintained over time and teams.

MongoDB is a no-sql database storing data as JSON-like documents with ad-hoc indexing and data aggregation capabilities.

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MongoDB is a schemaless database that can store unstructured and heterogeneous data by design. It is able to perform data analysis and aggregation upon query, allowing the developer to get insights and valuable statistics with minimal effort.
Where high-availability and data redundancy are a must, such as in enterprise contexts, MongoDB can be deployed as a distributed cluster.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, highly scalable, enterprise-class object-relational database with more than 15 years of active development.

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PostgreSQL's advanced features, from GiST indexing to JSON, coupled with its strong emphasis on performance, stability and data integrity contribute to making it the premier open source database for both small and large scale projects.

Docker is a low-overhead container solution that automates the repetitive tasks of setting up and configuring software environments.

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We use Docker to simplify the management of both our development and production environments. It allows us to run our code within identical guest environments across all phases of our projects and to easily scale our applications while maintaining a safe degree of isolation in shared contexts.

The team

We all share a deep interest for technology and the challenges that come with it. Through our complementary sets of skills we are able to effectively and efficiently help our clients in a broad range of contexts.

  • Matteo's picture

    Matteo Murgida

    Director, solution architect

    Matteo is a tech enthusiast committed to solving complex problems through the use of clever software architectures. He graduated from both Politecnico di Milano and University of Illinois at Chicago in 2009. Before BI he worked as Solution Architect at Siemens S.p.A., his main interest is developing complex systems in the field of Environment Automation.

  • Jacopo's picture

    Jacopo Scazzosi

    Director, lead back-end dev

    Jacopo's focus is using semantic web technologies and natural language interfaces to bridge the gap between the internet and the physical world. He's been expanding his entrepreneurial and technical skills through a mix of hands-on experimentation and rigorous research since 2013.

  • Antonio's picture

    Antonio Russo

    Director, lead front-end dev

    Antonio is a passionate interface software engineer and technology observer. After a first experience as a developer in the pharma business, he devoted his working life to simplify the development process of big and complex applications. Antonio loves to find simple solutions to hard problems keeping the focus on new techs and methodologies.

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